The township of Alvie lies approximately 12 km northwest of Colac on a road to Dreeite, Wool Wool and Lake Corangamite, which turns off the Cororooke road from Colac at Coragulac.

Alvie was the heart of a rich potato and onion growing district until the latter half of the 20th century. The town was named after the town in Scotland which was the birthplace of early landowner William Robertson.

St Andrews Anglican church, a striking building constructed in 1895, features English leadlight windows.

Holy Eucharist 1st Sunday 9.30am (Children's Service).
3rd Sunday 9.30am.

Enquiries (03) 5231 3646.

   Alvie church

Alvie nestles at the foot of Red Rock, the scoria cones that form one of the area's great landmarks and, since the early days of white settlement, a popular tourist attraction.

The Red Rock Winery and Restaurant, 1 Red Rock Reserve Road, Alvie is open for cellar door sales and café from 10.30am to 5pm every day, while the restaurant is open on weekends for lunch. (03) 5234 8382.

Alvie Consolitated School resulted from the decision in the early 1950s to close small schools at Balintore, Cororooke, Dreeite, Dreeite North, Dreeite South, Nalangil, Ondit, Warrion, Wool Wool and amalgamate them with the Alvie school on a site of about 15 acres on Wool Wool Road. Students were bussed in and classes were originally conducted in very primitive conditions in the local hall and the old buildings relocated from the other school sites. The school was officially opened in 1957.